was created in 2022 by 3 friends that, most of all, are truly passionate about MTB and that´s exactly the vibe that we like to deliver: book a tour with us and you´ll have a fun day with pall´s that have the same passion as you!

All from different background´s, we attached our individual knowledge and decided to start this project. Our main vision is simple: we just want you to see our beautiful Island the same way as we do in a friendly and fun environment while riding your bike on the World´s Leading Destination Island.

We also believe that the truthful and ultimate bike experience isn´t limited only to the time spent on the trail´s. We want you to meet our people, culture, the secret spot´s of our Island, our food, tradition´s, the amazing sunset´s on the west side and, maybe, experience a couple of mojito´s and poncha´s after the riding day is complete. For the time you spend with MountainBike Madeira Adventures you´ll be one of us – a Local.

Madeira Island is gaining worldwide recognition for the practice of MTB – especially Enduro – due to our amazing orography and climate conditions throughout the year. But we don´t forget all the work that is done by local businesses, associations and bike clubs in term´s of trail building.

We also want to contribute to the sustainability of our trail´s and mountainbiking in general and we will work with the local entities to promote the maintenance of our trail´s. From a young age, we kept listening the term “No Dig, No Ride” and we keep that commitment everyday in our mind´s.

We are all rider´s, with year´s of riding and racing experience, and we know that we can give you the best MTB experience possible in our Island.

From the top of the mountain´s to the sea, from the best trail´s in the world to the best sunset´s that you have ever seen – all that with our usual familiar and laid-back style of life.

Come ride with us. Be a local!

Marco Mata

Guide and Public Relations

Diogo Camacho

Guide and Marketing

Luis Marques

Guide and Bookings